A little bit about me

Hello, my name is Jesan Sorrells. I am the Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant with Human Services Consulting and Training, a division of Jesan Sorrells, LLC.

As a corporate trainer, and conflict engagement consultant, I believe in a few things that you should know:

People are complicated, but solutions to conflicts, disputes, disagreements, or “differences of opinion” in the workplace, the home, the church, and elsewhere are simple. If we have the courage to implement them.

Resolution is something we can try to get to, but I believe in engagement more than resolution. Engagement with conflicts, disputes, disagreements, or “differences of opinion” is the single hardest behavior we have to change to guarantee our emotional futures.

Emotional labor—the labor of doing the hard work of engaging, digging deep with the conflicts, disputes, disagreements, or “differences of opinion” in our lives, and doing that labor in an emotionally and spiritually healthy way—is the hardest, and highest, labor we will have to do in the 21st century, because it’s the work that can’t be automated or “algorithmed” away from human beings.

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Why I love what I do

I have an eclectic and varied educational and life background that allows me to strategically examine how YOU are communicating and provide YOU with the philosophies, practices, and ideas, that will allow your organization to move forward into an ever-changing, dynamic, future.

At the core of all of this, I do this work—from blogging daily to helping clients design systems to engage with conflict better in their organizations—because when we are #BuildingForTheFuture, we are truly engaged in the pursuit of real hope, for our communities, our families, and ourselves.

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