Change management and the sport of baseball have only one thing in common:

Every organization—just like every hitter—steps up to the plate, hoping to hit a home run.

A home run with people changing.

A home run with people getting more engaged.

A home run with people caring about doing hard emotional labor.

A home run with people willing to accept accountability and ownership when things go right and willing to accept blame and take risks to repair problems when they happen.

But more often than not, just like in baseball, the statistics reflect that every organization is more than likely going to hit singles first, doubles second, triples rarely, and get to a home run less often than they would like.

Statistics don’t lie.

But that doesn’t mean that, much like a hitter with a high on base percentage, organizations shouldn’t at least step up to the plate.

Because if you’re not at the plate, you can’t even get on base.

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