The noise inside of your head and the noise outside of your head are not equal.

What you choose to do about them is though.

The noise inside of your head about the stories that you tell yourself about your background, your race, your religion, your gender, your money, your pride, your vanity, are all controllable.

Even though it may not seem like it.

The noise outside your head featuring other people telling their stories in ways that range from the poignant to the ridiculous are also controllable.

Even though you may not believe it.

Believing in where your control—your power—lies both inside your head and outside your head, matters more to your mental model than ever before.

How do you get control over what’s in your head?

Well, first you decide that what’s in your head can be controlled. As well as what’s outside your head.

Then, you decide how many of those messages are true—for you—and what kind of messages you want coming into your existence, your mental space, or crowding your white space of concentration and productivity.

Finally, you should audit the inputs: Determining where messages are coming from matters, but also determining who’s bringing the messages to you matters as well.

And that first step. The step of deciding that the noise in and out of your head can be controlled by you, is the hardest step of all.

So, decide.

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