Scarce Things

The scarce thing is what we fight over.

Because of the Internet and its ubiquity, knowledge is becoming more and more abundant.

Knowledge about your behavior, your attitudes, your choices, reflected in clicks, likes, watches, searches and listens.

The scarce thing is what we fight for more of.

Because of social media and its adherents, advocates, and allies, connection—of a kind—is becoming more and more abundant.

Connections based on behavior, material needs and wants, shared worldviews, and uncommon ideas.

The scarce thing is the thing that human beings crave.

Because of mobile phones connected to the Internet and social media—at least in America and other parts of the post-Industrial Revolution world—immediate gratification is becoming normalized.

Immediacy and speed to solving unknown problems, meeting previously unknown wants, and providing for baser needs has led to a changing and evolution of individuals’ expectations from brands, networks, and even from other individuals.

So. What are the new scarce things?

Well, to a certain degree, they are the same things that have always been scarce in human-to-human interactions:










Delayed gratification.





Role modeling.


Humanity s running a massive experiment with the Internet, mobile phones, and connection, at scale to answer one, incredibly complex question: Can we have everything we want and continue to be ethical and moral beings, while abandoning the skills, traits, and ideals that do not “fit” inside of the new structure of human expectation and interaction we are building with all speed?

Can we be gratified and be fulfilled?

The scarce things are the things your followers, parties in conflict with you, people deeply connected to you, and your communities need from you.

Do more of the things that are scarce.

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