Here are the top 13 questions that I get here, at Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT), from clients, audience members, fans and even readers of the blog.

Read through them, and if you’ve got a question for me, email me at Or, connect with me via social media or, just leave a comment on the HSCT contact page!

And thanks!

“What do you stand for?”

Here at Human Services Consulting and Training, I stand for YOU attaining peace in YOUR life. Through the application of Christian-based principles, cutting edge research, and an eye toward #BuildingForTheFuture, I want to be with you all the way, for as far as YOU would like to go. For more of my philosophy, as the principle consultant, follow this link here….

“What is conflict coaching anyway? Sounds like some mish-mosh of consulting and therapy … do I have that right?”

I don’t “do” therapy, here at HSCT. I do consulting, corporate training, and systems design in the area of conflict engagement for people in organizations ranging from higher education institutions all the way to medium sized businesses. Everybody needs help managing and engaging with conflict, rather than running away from it, accommodating it or passive-aggressively attacking it.

“Isn’t that a little “soft?”

If the skills of active listening, emotional intelligence, negotiation, mediation, cross-cultural and intercultural communication were easy, everybody would be a master at it. Unfortunately, everybody is not, and just because skills are deemed “soft” that does not equate those skills with being easy. I believe that “soft skills” are going to be the hardest thing that you are going to have to master for success in business and life in the 21st century. I believe that such skills are the only labor that matters to gain outsized revenues, referrals, and attention in the 21st century.

“Can you give me an embarrassing example of how your own business isn’t living up to your core values and what you’re doing to change that?”

Yes. I’ve blogged extensively about the lessons I’ve learned, the struggles I’ve had and the insights I’ve discovered on the HSCT #Communication Blog, every Tuesday, through my blog posts entitled HIT Pieces. For more of those struggles and those embarrassing examples, follow this link here…

“Do you charge for you services?”

Yes. All of my fees are always based upon the project, client need, and the value my expertise and insight will add to their organization, and never upon time units. I can work with any client in any range, because I offer value added pricing based upon the client’s request and at my discretion. Value added pricing comes in a range of tiers and I work with you to create a proposal that reflects what the range is, what the tiers are, and how you can get maximum value for your dollar.

You are not only my client, you are also my partner, as we work together to attain peace in YOUR life!

“Who is your ideal coaching client? Not what kind of business but what kind of person do you love working with?”

A person who is excited about learning a new skill, has a desire to explore their deepest inner self and has the will, the courage and the perspective to implement our shared discoveries first in their lives, and then in their businesses, and homes.

“How much does it cost?”

See the answer to question # 5 above.

“Have you ever owned or run a business that failed?”

Yes. I worked for almost ten years in higher education. And while it wasn’t a “business” per se, it was a career path that we owned and struggled in for many years. Some of our struggles–and observations–we have written about here and here. But failure is an event. Not a person. We believe that Zig Ziglar said that…

“Are you confidential? I don’t want my name (or situation) blasted out through social media or written about on your blog!”

The services, conversations and approach that I take to working with clients and organizations are confidential per client request. In addition, I am a Christian Conciliator and operate out of a Christian-based ethic. But conversations, experiences and stories, do go into the mix of how I address other clients with their issues and concerns as well.

And sometimes, I come to conclusions that can be generally applied to everybody–or to many people. Whenever possible, if I decide to write about your situation, rest assured, it’s generalized and couched in oblique terms. And I never Tweet, Facebook, or otherwise socially post client data.


Do you have a system for working with organizations in conflict? If so, what is it?

Yes I do. It’s called conflict resolution systems design and, much like Software-as-a-Service, it is Conflict Resolution-as-a-Service for your organization. Find out more about it here, here and here.

“What systems do you have in place in your business to manage expenses and stabilize cash flow?”

I don’t spend more than I bring in and I charge a fair amount that is agreed upon, in writing, with the client. Beyond that, I don’t talk publicly about how I manage my business finances as Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT) is a privately owned company.

“Are you licensed to do what you do?”

Yes, I am. I have a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University. Along with that, I am a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator in the State of Texas, I have taken the required training to be a Certified Inbound Marketer through as well, in order to supplement the consulting work I do in digital marketing and social media marketing. You can look at my certifications and all of that on my LinkedIn profile here.

“Will you travel? And how far?”

Yes, I will. Travel and other expenses can be negotiated at the clients request. I am located within 45 minutes of a minor airport and 2 hours of a major airport. I can be at your client location within a day.

“What is your definition of success?”

My definition of success comes through the feedback I receive from clients, the testimonials that I have received, and the moment when YOU DO something with what I’ve taught YOU. You can read the testimonials on my LinkedIn page here.

Recently, I was honored as one of the Top 40 under Forty Young Professionals in the Central New York area through a regional news organization in 2015.

Finally, I try to engage in professional development and read about 12 to 15 books a year and I am involved with local and regional nonprofits and my local church. That’s a few of the benchmarks of my success and I would love for you to be a part of that.

“Do you consult via the phone or Skype?”

Yes. I love Skype and have used it for conducting conversations, business interviews, and conference calls, as well as podcast interviews! If you have Google Hangouts or some other form of conference calling tool (such as GoToMeeting) I am happy to work with you via that as well.

“What are your rates for a workshop, a conference presentation or a keynote speech?”

I do both long and short form presentations, lunch, breakfast and dinner keynotes, and combine those with breakout sessions at conferences for corporate and nonprofit clients. Please see the page here, for more details.

“We’ve been talking for 45 minutes now – what’s your intuition tell you about the dysfunction in my business or in me as the leader?”

My intuition tells me that you are ready for a change. My intuition tells me that you are ready to abandon the idea of “well that’s always worked before.” My intuition tells me that you’re ready to engage with some hard work, some emotional labor, that may sound easy, but is going to lead to a richer life for you, your employees, and even your family.

Am I for real?

Yes. As the Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant for Human Services Consulting and Training, I believe that getting “real” in our businesses, our workplaces, our schools and even our governmental organizations is the only way for us as human beings to collectively, and individually, move forward and innovate in the 21st century.

There are old, time tested, rules and strategies that sound new, attached to fancy words, such as “disruption,” “innovation,” and even the ever present “change.” Well, there are changes, but the only thing that hasn’t changed in the last few thousand years is the human heart.

And that’s the change I’m after, here, through the work I do, at Human Services Consulting and Training.

Now, I’ve got some questions for you…

Peace Be With You All-







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