Sometimes, a workshop, or seminar, is not enough. Sometimes your organization needs a full head check-up, from the neck up…

HSCT believes that any time is a good time for implementing, developing, and
architecting a new way for resolving communications problems in your organization!

The success of Conflict Resolution Systems Design is based on a 9 to 18-month long relationship between YOU and US that adds long-term value to your organization..

Client Considerations

There are four distinct phases of Conflict Resolution Systems Design architecture building.

All four phases must be engaged with by the client to attain maximum value.

Conflict Resolution Systems Design architecture is about growing relationships across channels in your organization.

The Systems Design process begins with a 50% upfront fee before intake begins.

Phases of Conflict Resolution Systems Design

  • Phase One-Intake and Client Assessment
  • Phase Two-Facilitation, Coaching, and Training
  • Phase Three-Consulting and Assessment
  • Phase Four – Exit and Feedback

Fee Structure:

All our fees are Always based upon the project (and on the value YOU will get from OUR expertise), and never upon time units. Clients are encouraged to call upon us without worrying about a meter running, and we’re free to suggest additional areas of focus without concern about increasing YOUR investment.